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Documentary "Airplane Archeologist"

A documentary film written by Denis Becker & Jean-Baptiste Martin,
directed by Denis Becker

Broadcast on France 3 Alsace in 2009

Coproduction with FRANCE TELEVISIONS (France 3 Alsace) - 52 minutes (2009)

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The director Denis Becker (on the left, in red) and the french researcher Patrick Baumann (on the right, in blue) on the research setting of Ebermunster (Alsace, France)

This documentary tells the narrative of the great air battles that took place during World War Two between France and Germany.
The history of these aerial combats is told under the form of an investigation led by passionate characters : French and German researchers and archeologists who dig the earth searching for the buried tracks of the crashed planes.

Main speakers & settings

France :
Patrick Baumann, Antoine Baumann & Marc Baumann
"Association of the Aerial Memory of the East of France" 

Military Aerial site 132 of Colmar-Meyenheim, Lieutenant-colonel Poncet
Lieutenant-colonel Kuzniak
Adjudant-chef Belle

City of Strasbourg
Bomb disposal experts of Sainte Croix en Plaine, Dominique Berlet
Flying Club of Belfort, Eric Knauss
Museum of the fightings of WWII of the "Poche de Colmar"
The city of Ebersmunster, Richard Jean
Henri Payre and his plane Stinson
Chris Vogelgesang and his plane Yak 3

René Steydli and his son 
Michaël Lafont

Germany :
Hans Ekkehard BOB

Werner Kilchling

Uwe Benkel and his son Jonas

Karl Benz

Meier Motors GbR, Akim and Elmar Meier

Die tauschergruppe Pinguins

Great Britain :

Duxford Airshow & The Imperial War Museum
Sam Cole

The aiplane archeologist Patrick Baumann (on the right) with the famous German WWII pilot Ekkehard BOB (in the middle)

An Americain Bomber plane B-17 flying fortress crashed and recovered by the German army in ALGOLSHEIM(Alsace, France) in 1944

A restored Russian plane fighter Yak in 2009

A German fighter Focke Wulf FW-190A7 crashed in march 1944 near Mulhouse (Alsace, France)

A Bomber plane B-17 restored and still flying in 2009

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