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A documentary film written by Marie Mitterrand

Directed by Jean-Baptiste Martin

With the RTBF (Belgique) & in coproduction with KTO (France) - 52 minutes (2007)

Broadcast in France on KTO & in Belgium on RTBF

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Jean-Marc, father of 4 children prompted at the Mouvement pour les Villages d'Enfants.

Children are threatened within their own families by poor education, maltreatment and irreconcilable differences between their parents, some of whom suffer from mental health problems or alcoholism, and many such children live in precarious financial and living conditions.
In the interests of the child, social services may be prompted to apply for a court order to remove such children from their families for a period of one or two years, which may be renewed throughout their childhood.
What alternative can be offered to their family life? Are placed children able to grow up healthy and happy? Will they themselves be able to love?
With large families, placing brothers and sisters together increases the stability of the children but it is not always possible to accommodate siblings together.
With many moving and honest accounts of parents and children, and featuring powerful contributions from child protection specialists, this film retraces the journey from childhood to adulthood of placed children in France and Belgium and explores the current reality of childhoods under threat.

Professor MAURICE BERGER psychiatrist at the hospital of St Etienne, France.

Claire Meyer, specialist teacher at the crèche 'Notre Abri' in Bruxelles, Belgium.

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Séverine was placed as a teenager during several years at the Mouvement pour les Villages d'Enfants.

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Pascale Staquet, psychologist at the 'Parcours d'Accueil' in Bruxelles, Belgium.

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Emmanuelle Bonneville, psychologist at the hospital of St Etienne, France.

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Thierry Baranger, Judge for children at the Tribunal of Bobigny, France

Yves Masson, manager of the child's refuge Clair Logis in Paris, France.

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