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Documentary film " Claude Rich, I love so much life ! "

A documentary film written by Marie Mitterrand and directed by Jean-Baptiste Martin

52 minutes (2012) - with France Télévisions, France 5, Collection 'Empreintes'

First broadcast on FRANCE 5 :
thuesday 24th of january 2012 at 11:15 pm

Claude Rich, at home


Theatre, film, television, the actor Claude Rich excels in all roles for six decades. He represents part of the emotional memory of film buffs and theater lovers, he almost makes part of the family as we share such memories with him!

Claude Rich loves life and he cannot live without acting, so he continued his career at a very fast pace: he feels so young on a stage or on a movie set.

Claude Rich unveils the place where he resource, his sanctuary, his house near Paris that he modeled throughout his career and his family that supports seamless. On that basis, he finds its equilibrium and revisits the stages of his career that are still vibrate as much today.

For him, a role requires a thorough preliminary work which allows him to shape his character: to dive into the world of  the role, to develop some dialogue, to ensure every detail of the staging.
In addition, Claude Rich himself wrote four plays, including an adaptation of the novel.

Claude Rich expresses his quick wit and variety of his personality through his roles. Visiting with him pieces of theater and film shoots, he gives us little by little his privacy to share with us the essence of his life.

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the french director Jean Renoir with the actors (Claude is seated on the right with glasses) on the st of his film "Le Caporal Epinglé" (1961)

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"Les Tontons Flingueurs" of Georges Lautner (1963)

Claude Rich speaks about some major roles in his career:

Le Chateau en Suède of Françoise Sagan (1960)
Victor ou les Enfants au pouvoir of Roger Vitrac (1963)
Le Retour of Harold Pinter (1966)
Hadrien VII of Peter Luke (1970)
Honni soit qui mal y pense of Peter Barnes (1972)
Le Zouave of Claude Rich (1975)
Le Souper of Jean-Claude Brisville (1989)
Les Tontons Flingueurs of Georges Lautner (1963)
La chasse à l’homme of Edouard Molinaro (1964)
Oscar of Edouard Molinaro (1967)
10 jours en or of Nicolas Brossette (2012)
Les joueurs of Marcel Bluwal (1960)

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"Oscar" of Edouard Molinaro (1967) with Louis de Funès

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"Paris brûle-t-il ?" of René Clément (1966) in wich Claude played two differents roles: lieutenant de la Fouchardière and général Leclerc

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"La guerre des Polices" of Robin Davis (1979) with Claude Brasseur

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"Capitaine Conan" of Bertrand Tavernier (1996)

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Claude Rich, in Paris

Claude Rich, in the 70, with his dauthers Natalie and Delphine (from left to right) and his adopted son Rémy

Claude Rich in Swiss

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"Un Habit pour l'hiver" of Claude Rich (1979) with Claude Pieplu

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"La chasse à l’homme" of Edouard Molinaro (1964) with Bernard Blier and Micheline Presle

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"Les Acteurs" of Bertrand Blier (2000)

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