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Documentary "French Trotteurs Yearlings"

A documentary film written by Marie Mitterrand & direted by Jean-Baptiste Martin

52 minutes (2009)

Coproduction with EQUIDIA - 52 minutes (2009)

First broadcasts on EQUIDIA in march & april 2009

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Yearlings during spring.

The dream : how can a small agricultural farmer produce the best yearlings ?
The experience : how does one spot the yearling that will excel on the racing tracks ?
The technique : how do you prepare the yearlings towards the auctions so that they sell at the best price and go to the best trainers ?

Emmanuel Leclerc, breeder and trainer of trotteur yearlings

This film follows the pivotal moments in the first birth year of a Trotteur Français from its breeding process to its final qualification on the racetracks. Accompanied by leading specialists in the field, discover the fascinating steps towards selection, preparation and sale of these prospective racing champions.
The Trotteur Français has proven itself on racetracks all over the world. Today, with almost 11,000 births each year, the breeders condition mentally and physically the young Trotteurs destined towards competition. An important step for these breeders is the selection at the auction sales of one year-old or eighteen months old horses : the yearlings.
The prestigious auctions of yearlings Trotteurs Français take place in France in September, in Vincennes (Paris) and in Deauville, where the best pedigrees are displayed.
This film presents the finest of the young Trotteurs Français from visits to its breeding places to the race qualifications and gives a peak into the selection, preparation and sale of these young champions with the participation of the breeders, trainers and selectors of the auction sales.
Auction sales of Trotteurs Français yearlings are the largest in Europe. They usually take place in Vincennes (Paris) and Deauville from the end of June through to the start of October. Around 1,000 yearlings are sold in this way, at a price ranging from one thousand five hundred to two hundred thousand euros.

French Trotteurs Yearlings auctions in Vincennes, France, in septembre

Hugues Rousseau, the leading specialist of Trotting Promotion, visiting breeding Vandel

Antoine Besnard, breeding Vandel, in Normandy

Jean-Philippe Massieu, Ecuries des Charmes


Pierre Julienne, breeder at the Haras des Cruchettes

Philippe Thirionnet, breeder at the Haras du Bouffey

Jean-Pierre Reynaldo, specialist, journalist & writer

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