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Documentary "HAPPINESS and WOMEN"

A documentary film written by Marie Mitterrand & Anne Casanova - directed by Jean-Baptiste Martin

52 minutes (2011) - Coproduction Rappi Productions

Boradcasts on VIVOLTA
in June 2011

Maggy Barankitse


They say that the French are pessimistic! As quality of life increases, depression is rising at the same rate. However, in the West, our basic needs are largely met, and we have many forms of pleasure open to us, but apparently we are not any happier for it! Do the so-called pleasures of modern society cover up our true quest for happiness? What a paradox!

And just what is happiness? There lies a question we have wondered since Ancient times. Fulfillment is a complex, subjective notion, and our no. 1 concern. So, what does it take to be happy? How can we reconcile our dreams with reality?

I decided to ask women what they thought, bright women from different horizons, women whose lives and personalities have touched me, who will take the challenge of speaking to us about happiness, their happiness... and it’s contagious!
Through this film, you, and I, can see that we urgently need to be happy, starting now, at all costs, and to work towards our own happiness and the happiness of others on a daily basis!

Benoîte Groult

With the contribution of:

the writter Benoîte Groult,
the students Margot, Albane et Tehani
the sociologist Hesna Caillau,
Maggy Barankitse from Burundi (Africa) and his humanitarian program Shalom, 
the lawyer Catherine Porge-Dorange,
Hakima Aït El Cadi, anthropologist and Deputy Mayor of Avignon,
Eléonore de Lacharrière, Fondation Culture and Diversity,
the nurse Stéphanie Dumonceau,
Joy Duval, volunteer,
et the international jumping horse ridder Eugénie Angot,
have in common, they are happy, all in different ways!

Catherine Porge-Dorange

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Eugénie Angot

comment from spectators:

H.C. in Paris 16/06/11:  I congratulate you for this beautiful film, so human. You have managed to create a golden thread between all these women so different profiles and show that the beauty of living in diversity, a diversity that is not opposed but which is supplemented and enriched each other..

Eléonore de Lacharrière

Hakima Aït El Cadi

Joy Duval

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