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Documentary "Temple of the Puppet, Charleville-Mézières festival"

A documentary directed by Sylvie Martin-Lahmani et Pascal Lahmani

52 mn (2010) - Coproduction France Télévisions (France 3)

Films Festivals : Three Days of Casteliers in Montréal (Canada - 2013), International Festival of Charleville-Mézières (2012)

First broadcast on France 3 on the 25th of september 2010 at 03:25 pm

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Puppeteer Jaime Lorca

Charleville-Mezieres, the city of the French poet Rimbaud, is also famous for its puppets, dummies and other inanimate objects, which happily occupy the city during the
World Festival of Puppet Theatres, held every two years. This film, The Temple of the Puppet (Le Temple de la Marionnette), shows the breadth and creativity of an event that has continued to grow since its creation by a troupe of enthusiastic amateurs, “The Little Comedians of Rags” (Les Petits Comédiens de Chiffons), founded by Jacques Félix
during World War II.

The Temple of the Puppet shows the city booming during this extraordinary event, with its internationally known school, and puppetry in all its forms and dimensions!

The puppet is here at the centre of the arts
: it spawns with the visual arts, dance, music, and new technologies with traditional and contemporary performances, indoors and everywhere in the streets, both French and international. From foreign puppets, giant or Lilliputian puppets, in a myriad of techniques: marionettes, hand puppets, shadows, object theatre. From unusual works from all continents, combining robotics and the sacred, animism and modernity. It is also a huge party for the public and a time of gathering and strong commitment for the townspeople.

Charleville is a must for meeting the puppeteers of the world, a great popular festival in honor of Guignol, Pinocchio, and other unusual puppet figures.

« Por el monte carulé » group Teatro de las Estaciones

Puppeteer Stephen Mottram

With the following international Puppet Groups :
« Transports Exceptionnels » Group Beau Geste  
« Ganesh » Group Joe Louis Teater
« Roméo et Juliette » Group Papier Théâtre / Alain Lecucq  
« C’est la lune qui me l’a dit » Group Créature
« Por el monte carulé » Group Teatro de las estationes
« Petit-Bond » Group Teatro Gioco Vita  
« Le Musée des petites personnes » Group Zouak
« (In) Medea Res » Group Paper Body Collective  
« Les Tonys » 
« Les Tringlés » Group Via Cane  
« Johny and Sybil » Group Saskia Thils
« Sourire dans le verre» Group DuoFibios
« Le Trébule » Group les Chaussettes en Pâte à Modeler
« Variations, parcours marionnettique / Last Cigarette » Group Pseudonymo
« Variations, parcours marionnettique / Un Phénomène » Group Pseudonymo  
« Stage de Formation Philippe Genty » 
« Master Class Stephen Mottram » 
« Les Souliers » installation sonore Arno Fabre  
« L’Héritier » Group Viaje Inmobil – Jaime Lorca  
« Les Arrivants » Group Spare Parts Pupetts Theater  
« Jerk » Gisèle Vienne/Dennis Cooper/Jonathan Capdevielle
« Zoé, criminelle innocence » Group Joan Baixas  
« Chanson de l’Horrible Kong-Ji » Group Ulgul Gwa Ulgul
« Ni fini ni infini » Group Théâtre en Ciel  
« Le Monde inconnu du seigneur Ottfried » Group les Contes d’Asphaldt

City of Charleville-Mézières

Jean-Luc Félix, president of the Wold Puppet Festival

show « Ganesh » Group Joe Louis Teater

Philippe Genty

Roland Shön, Group Théâtre en ciel

Anne-Françoise Cabanis, manager of the Festival

Master Class of Stephen Mottram

Master Class of Philippe Genty

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