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Film "Women in Ridding"

A documentary film directed by Valérie Perrey

52 mn (2010) - Coproduction with EQUIDIA

First broadcasts on EQUIDIA: 
the 10th of march 2010 at 10:00 pm 
the 11th of march at 8:30 am
the 17th of march at 11:00 pm 
the 18th of march at 9:30 am

A endurance rider: the women are better in endurance horse-ridding

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SUMMARY of the film
To mark the centenary in March 2010 of  International Women’s Day, the issue of the place of women in horse riding is examined today.In France, almost 80% of registered members of the French Equestrian Federation are women and equestrian professions are largely filled with women. Horseback-riding is a sport that exalts femininity, as much in attitude as in dress and a large part of its practice is devoted to caring and mothering the horse.
As with all sporting practice, horseback-riding is influenced by changes that take place in our society, such as the role that women play within it. This change has been nothing less than revolutionary in the equestrian world. Women on horse-back and the women involved with horses are bringing about profound and lasting change in the equestrian arena, in the economics of leisure riding and equestrian professions, and in the intimate bond between humans and horses; to such an extent that male jockeys have deliberately taken advantage of this trend.

Women and horse-ridding : an example in one of the largest horse club in France: the Club Med de Pompadour

With the Interveiws of :

International Show-Jumper Eugénie Angot,
Dressage Rider and Manageress of the Chantilly Living Equestrian Museum (Musée Vivant du Cheval) Sophie Bienaimé – Renauldon,
Endurance rider Morgane Payen,
Show-jumping trainer Jean-Maurice Bonneau,
Manageress of Haras de Pompadour Laurence Cornaille,
Sociologist Catherine Tourre-Mallen
and Historian Jean-Pierre Digeard.

Horse-ridding: a sport practise by women at 80% and teached by women

The international show-jumper Eugénie Angot

Laurence Cornaille, Manageress of the Haras of Pompadour

Dressage Rider and Manageress of the Chantilly Living Equestrian Museum (Musée Vivant du Cheval), Sophie Bienaimé – Renauldon

The Show-jumping trainer, Jean-Maurice Bonneau

The international Show-jumper Eugénie Angot

Sociologist Catherine Tourre-Mallen

Endurance rider Jacques Bégaud

80% of the riders are girls or women in France

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